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Flexible Stainless Steel Plumbing Hose for hot and cold water services
  Flexible Stainless Steel Solar Installation Hose

Most sizes in stock

Make up the hose in a few minutes, on site



Make up the hose in a few minutes, on site
Use no heat!
Save hours on each installation!
Less "site wasteage" - not so good to weigh in as copper!
Flexible - bend by hand to tight radius


With or without copper pipe ends
Supplied with or without insulation
Pre-insulated hose in single or twin
Wide variety of fittings including adaptors for different sizes and solder fittings
Hose sizes DN12, DN16, DN20, DN25, continuous legths up to 50 metres
Plumbhose tool gives quick and easy fitting on site

Make up a hose in less than 10 minutes on site,
by hand without heat using the plumbhose fitting kit

1. Cut the plumbhose with a standard tube cutter
2. Put a fitting onto the plumbhose
3. Flatten the end of the plumbhose with the special tool
4. The flat provides a seat for the hightemperature washer
5. Squeeze on the plumbhose circlip
6. Cut the plumbhose to the required length and repeat


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