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General Purpose 15 bar  


Black antistatic, smooth EPDM rubber, resistant to light-chemical media.
Synthetic textile yarns.
Yellow, smooth EPDM rubber.


Designed for air, cold and hot water and light chemical media.

Major properties of PYTHON hoses are:
- high ozone resistance
- antistatic resistance
- high temperature resistance
- low temperature resistance
- non staining cover
- high flexibility


Standard Lengths

Minimum lengths: 20m
Maximum lengths:
Up to and including inside diameter 25mm: 40/80m.
From I.D. 25 to 63.5mm: 40m.
On request 40m lengths for sizes up to I.D. 100mm.


All hose coils are wrapped in polythene film.


ISO 1307/92 tolerances for inside diameters up to and including 25mm.
On inside diameters:
From I.D. 6mm to I.D. 20mm ±
For I.D. from 20.1 up to 25mm ± 1.20mm
RMA steel mandrel tolerances for inside diameters bigger than 25mm
On inside diameter:
Upto and including inside diameter 38mm ± 0.79mm for bigger I.D. ± 1.59mm
On outer diameter:
± 1.59mm
Length tolerance: ± 1%

Temperature Range

Working temperature:-40°C (-40°F) to + 110°C (+230°F) with peaks to +130°C (+266°F).

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