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Ideal Silicone 650V
  Constructed with 4 ply Polyester Fabric Reinforcement and 304L S/S close pitch wire embedded within the hose wall.

Inner Appearance:
Translucent and smooth.

Outer Appearance:
Translucent and smooth
Can also be supplied with
a coloured outer cover
on request.


As indicated, the pressure data is recorded at ambient temprature.
It is advisable to reduce the pressure values indicated on the tables by 20% for
each 100ºC of temprature increase.
The standard manufacturing length is 4m.
6m length tube can be manufactured on request.


When supplied as assemblies incorporating our IDEALOK Hygienic coupling system, this
hose is both lightweight and flexible and ideal for load cell connectors, filling machines
and mixers in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Particularly useful when a tight bending radius is required.

Temprature Range:

-55ºc up to +200ºc


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